Same here, I sent 1 SBD yesterday and nothing. How can we report this menace?

I think many of us are ripped off by this service, I sent 21 total, I am sure the total this account has stolen warrants federal attention!

While many of us have been ripped off and upset, people like @dynamicgreentk thinks it is a joke. Steemit does not want this kind of attention for sure, you should contact steemcleaner.

How can i get refund can any one tell me?

IDK, I got scammed just like you, I just contacted steemcleaners but I don't know about refunds. I hope that you can get your money back, good luck friend.

Maybe a couple of whales will help this group of minnows out and give some upvotes to this post, I'll be happy to help out people like us who have been scammed.

He got scammed by them just like you and I did, you should only be tagging @steemitrobot and really nobody else

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