RE: Did you order a Steemit ring from @charlieshrem and never receive it?

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Did you order a Steemit ring from @charlieshrem and never receive it?

in steemitringscam •  2 years ago

Im sorry your email was over looked when everyone else was refunded. To call me a scammer because you and 1 other person were not refunded is not fair. I'll have you refunded In the morning. I'm extremely transparent and always held true to my word, I'm sorry.

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Edit: I have now been refunded.

Seems fair to me. I still haven't been refunded yet. I tried being nice and polite and that didn't work. Why did I have to raise a stink to get attention? Why force me to resort to that?

Instead of responding here and flagging Bernie's post (poor form), you could have Changelly'ed 325 and sent it to me. That's what I would have done.

I'll take care of it asap!

Yea yea


Sent you an email. You have been fully refunded!


Thank you.

Hey @charlieshrem - I sent you my Bitcoin address again yesterday morning but still haven't seen my refund.