Cloud Mining at EOBOT

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Hi once again dear STEEMIANS...,
I just want to share my cloud mining activity at EOBOT.IMG_20160701_212531.jpg
The platform allows users to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without managing a hardware.

What really is EOBOT?

How does EOBOT work?
You can simply register an account here
Then go to the MINING dropdown at the top left of the Account page and choose which of the 22 coins to get mined.IMG_20180317_222341.jpg
You can also mine all the coins listed by diversifying, click your mining dropdown and choose DIVERSIFY then tick all the boxes provided and click save, your desired coin will randomly rotated every 10 minutes
To check your REFERRALS, POOL INFO, HISTORY, DEPOSIT, WITHDRAW, EXCHANGE, EPAY you can simply check it here
To keep your cloud mine running you can start at $10 for your hashing power for a 5 years contract or you can grab a free hash by just visiting the FAUCET once daily and has no risk at all., just simply CLICK the PRODUCTS and choose FAUCET and do the CAPTCHA.

And EOBOT also allows us to mine STEEM
check it here

And has a BOUNTY BUG PROGRAM, they pay for bugs, you can simply reach them at HackerOne and report a bug then get paid.

For more details check FAQ at and for your daily updates here

EOBOT operates since 2013 and was never been compromised, it's a safe site to invest in cloud mining.

So, I'm done sharing one of my crypto ventures...
For more cryptocurrency updates you can join me here

Happy Steeming and thanks for droppin long!


I tested eobot, just fauceting lng , ngayon ko lng nalaman sa iyo about diversifying , thank you @otom

oh i see, if you want more details just reach me on fb, shoot my inbox...

101% legit thanks for sharing :-)

No problem, keep on earning at eobot!

Thanks for sharing this sir @Otom I've been using Eobot since I became a member of our group and thanks for guiding us on how to use it in a profitable way.

Good to hear from you, glad that you grab EOBOT since then, thank you, keep it up!

Thanks for sharing this one sir @otom. I have been meaning to share this site for awhile now and keep on forgetting about it LOL. One of the places that we can get STEEM mined! Stay awesome sir and more POWER!

Thanks to you, yes, EOBOT is the best site for steem mining.

Thanks for sharing Otom.

much welcome...

Nice boss. Dito nalang itambak doge. Walang talo😇

Pwede mong paramihin dito, dogecoin lng buong limang taon, cge balitaan mo ako...thankies!

Thanks for sharing part! Kung hindi sa'yo di namin to malalaman.

Pinaka simpleng cloud mining lng to pero reliable, salamuch for the support.

Hmm sayang I stopped fauceting...need to start again... Upvoted and resteemed...

Never too late, yes you can anytime, thank you

This is awesome im gonna share some of my airdrop links too

ohhh this is a good way to increase Steem!

Hello there, yes it is, been diversifying steem, xrp and cardano from this platform, my pleasure to have you on board.

One of the best way to mine Steem 😎👏

Such a pleasure that you drop by, let's steem it!

121 GHz ? just a pure wow! Tested and proven legit site! Make sure when you do the exchange (like trading - buy and sell cryptos) it was raised above the 10% mark since it has a huge exchange fee. After getting some bits of these cryptos, make sure you buy and raise your mining power. Doing this everyday ensures profitability in the long run.

Hello sir @fycee I should include it in my todo list everyday to get the daily faucet for this site! and Yes this is a legitimate daily faucet site for STEEM. Keep in touch and I am glad you are back steeming

Try transferring 1 sbd from steemit using blocktrades then buy bytecoin, factom and golem on eobot. And yes increase your GHz in a few percentage every week. Thank you for welcoming me back.

Yes @fycee, I already did cashin out from this platform, plan to add more hashing power, good to have you here, tnx.

Seen it before and you even backed me up from my cash out that time.