Steemit photo challenge #40: Street photography - I don't trust you

street art2.jpg

There is something about this photo that I love. Maybe it is kid's deep, naive, and innocent look, which falls perfectly in the whole setting.

This photo is Guatemala to me. This kid represents Guatemala to me. Even though he showed no trust in me and my girlfriend, he was still curious about us. He was standing in between the door, not able to decide rather run away or join us. This photo represents people's ability to choose. The kid could do whatever he wanted at that point. He was both outside and inside of our sight and his house.

Kid in the photo can become everything he wants to be.

The beauty of any photo is that it's still. It has all the hope and potential in the world.Even after 50 years, this kid will remain just a kid in a photo to me. He will be everything I can imagine and I assure you - in my imagination this kid is a very happy and successful person. I know that it won't be a reality, but... isn't everything that happens or could happen real? It might not present in this world, but it is definitely present to me.

That's why I love this photo; this kid has all the time in the world to decide what he wants to do with his life. And whatever decision he makes, he'll remain standing in between the door.

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This is a cool photo but the story you have created behind it is even better. I too like the optimistic view that this kid can be anything he wants.


Thanks @hanshotfirst! I really enjoy the idea of the future holding everything before it happens.

I like this photo too and also your analysis and who knows, maybe this kid WILL have a really amazing reality. I like to think so!


Thanks! I sure hope so!

Beautifully composed photograph. The textures, colour and the rawness of it all. And especially 'the kid' and his wavering expression between distrust and curiosity. Your projections made me remember the iconic image of 'The girl with green eyes' 🙏 🙏 🙏


Thanks! You are too nice to me!

Sad reality!

Hi my friend! Just stopped by to see what you were up to. Very cool photo, even cooler story and ideas :) I've recently been getting into a bit of picture taking myself. My favorite pics so far is Good Morning steemit, it's of the lake at my parent's house on a windy morning :) The ones I put up tonight are when the lake was still, still pretty cool to me, the way the sun and clouds look over the water.

Just saw your photo on the steemitphotochallenge post and would have to say yours was one of my favourites. Well done on capturing such an emotive photograph :)