Steemitphotochallenge Oriental entry 1: food in Taiwan 台湾美食


This is my first entry to the Steemit photo challenge for this week hosted by @jamtaylor. The theme is Oriental. I photographed this delicious lunch in a restaurant that was opened by a couple who are pottery teachers during the week and restaurant owners on the weekend. As you can see the dishes used are all handmade by the owners. The most prominent dish in photo is the braised bitter melon. I am usually not a fan of bitter melon but the way they prepared it made the vegetable sweet rather than bitter. The texture was not too mushy and soft. Next to the bitter melon is a bowl of pork bone soup with mushrooms. There are vegetables and bean curd in the background. These are common dishes in Taiwanese cooking.

陶汕居是一个很特别的地方。周间是主人的工作室, 他们也在这里教授陶藝课。周末则转变成餐厅。照片中的苦瓜特别好吃, 很甜! 汤也很好喝。清菜和豆腐都很美味. 可惜餐厅关了。

Photo taken with my Canon RebelXT with Canon 17-85 mm lens.


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A special place. The owner of the restaurant provided meals to support his interest in pottery. But the food was really delicious and they were very generous.



I really love to read your posts. It’s a pity that they stopped its operation as a cafe.


Yes it is a pity!

나는 당신의 글을 게시하는 것을 좋아합니다. 포스트는 좋습니다. 나는 많은 팬들이되고 싶어. 좋은 아티스트가 되려면 이념을 성취하는데 당신의 지원이 필요합니다. 너 한테 도움이 필요해.



谢谢, 很好吃!