📷 SteemitPhotoChallenge #48 Nature Macro II Entry: A Flower to Call a Home / SPC#48 攝影比賽自然微距二參賽作品: A Flower to Call a HomesteemCreated with Sketch.

Hello Steemians, today I'd like to share a macro photo I took in Yangmingshan National Park. I was photographing flowers when I spotted one with a tiny bug inside of it, a very very tiny bug. I fired off a couple of shots, and this is the best one out of the bunch. I didn't have flash or tripod with me so I had to raise ISO to 6400 and even then the shutter speed was only at 1/80th of a second, I was surprised to see that the shot came out sharp without motion blur! Hope you'll like this one :)

大家好,今天我來分享一張前幾天在陽明山上拍到的一張微距照片。當時我正在拍花朵時注意到一朵花裏面有一隻小昆蟲,可以説是超小的昆蟲。我立刻對了它拍了幾張照片,這張是其中我認爲拍得最好的。我當時沒帶閃光也沒脚架所以只好將感光度拉到6400,即使這樣快門速度只有1/80秒,所以當我看到照片拍出來是銳的我也挺驚訝!希望你們會喜歡 :)

A Flower to Call a Home

1/80 sec, f/8, ISO 6400

Equipment Used / 使用攝影器材

  • Camera: Sony A7
  • Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8
  • Software: Lightroom

Hope you enjoyed this post! I strive hard to provide quality content :)

My goal is to share with this wonderful community my passion in photography, and hopefully contribute to the awesome inspirational content on Steemit.

I read and try to respond to all comments, and welcome any photography related questions and feedback!

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this makes me feel so warm inside :)
especially the caption, a flower to call home,
great job!


Thank you for the wonderful comment @mozesdickson!

Nice photos .. Will wait for your next post.


Thank you @ashikyeamin :)




Great shot! Almost looks like it is struggling to stay out of a black hole. Yellow hole. Well, you know what I mean.


Thanks @ocrdu, cool how you saw the photo that way ;)

Awesome shot and great colors mate.


Thanks so much @bescouted!

Looks like it's walking on the sun ☺


Hehe cool interpretation :)

OK. You're the winner! (hands up) :D


Haha thanks :)

It so amazing... little creature in a bid world...


The home and its owner is stunning


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Great macro!


Thank you @pepe.maya!

yeah it is great indeed and it is tiny and it really took the image to another level


Thanks for the comment @rehan12.

How do you like Sony A7?


I love it, been using it for two and a half years now, I can say I'm a mirrorless camera fan now :)




You're one of steemit's top photographers in my opinion, everything always looks so professional!


Thank you for the very kind words @overkillcoin! Thank you for viewing my images :)

Cool! The shallow DOF makes the bug stand out! :-)


Thanks for the feedback!


You are so welcome!



Thanks :)

Nice photo, @shieha! Just found out your photography and looking forward to some of your work. Upvoted, and Followed.


Thank you so much @prince-maanisaad!

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Outstanding photo of the little insect, it draws you into the flower too!