📷 SteemitPhotoChallenge #41 - Landscapes II - Entry: "The Last Light"

Sunset view from mountaintop

This is my first entry for SPC 41, it was shot with Canon M and post-processed in Adobe Lightroom.

The photo was taken from the top of Wufenshan, a mountain in the north-eastern part of Taiwan.

"The Last Light"


Hope you enjoyed this post! I strive hard to provide quality content :)

Critiques and comments are welcomed!

Questions on technique employed or gear are also welcomed!

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Did you get back down unharmed in the dark?


Thank you @ocrdu!
I drove down safely :) The road back down looks like this:


Pretty, and it looks like fun! I like that kind of road for my Miata/MX5.

Absolutely stunning.


Thank you @condra!



Super post! fantastic...


Thank you @sardrt!!

Great view amazing scene.


Thanks for the feedback @shaheer001!


welcome my pleasure

Stunning photo!


Thank you @natashahall :)

Love the atmosphere and feel.


Stunning place and great shot! Gonna enter this challenge too... :)


Thank you for the comment @creutzy!

Nice shoot for 五分山 , cool I like it. Follow you ^^ From Taiwan too


Thank you, I followed you back!
I'm also an EE engineer :)


Cool Engineer haha