📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #48 — Entry 3 — Tunisia. Dawn over the Mediterranean

Africa. Continent of sand, heat and huge beaches. It's good that people like to sleep and at dawn it's deserted. Only a couple, stayed until the morning, and fishermen catching fish.

The sun rises rapidly from the horizon, coloring the surrounding world in warm colors, but the bright blue sky does not give up without a fight.

Photo in a larger size - 1500x924px

Canon EOS 30D, 1/250 sec, F 8, ISO 100, 17 mm

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This is a really stunning photo! I love the vivid colour. Nice work capturing this :)


Ocean is amasing!

Beautiful post 😊 @sharker just give you up vote


Thank you @sakhone!



Thank you!

Congratulations on your honorable mention recognition in the Steemit Photo Challenge!!! I would give your entry first place - stunning ocean capture!🏆💯