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After much urging from my boyfriend, @jedau, I finally mustered up enough courage to make my first post. It's fitting because the subject is sunrise, and as it's the beginning of a new day, this first post would serve as the beginning of my Steemit journey :)

I uploaded this in its raw form, because I wanted it to convey the emotion that I felt as this photo was taken. Fresh off a long trek, with the temperature nearing zero degrees, the view of the sun rising against a sea of clouds was simply breathtaking, in every possible sense of the word (and not just because we were 9,587 ft above sea level).

Taken with a Sony HDR-XR500, and with love <3

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It really does take your breath away! Oh, and the view is nice, too <3


:/ the thin air must've made you light-headed


Thank youuuuu @mweich! It took some skill and a lot of emotion :)

Great Photograph!!
Now you can upload these images to Steem's very own image sharing and hosting- SteemImages!!



Thanks for the compliment and the info!

I likey. Welcome to Steemit! Following you now. Cheers!


Thanks! Followed back. Your Indiana Jones photo is amazing! When my boyfriend showed me that photo, I hesitated in posting mine. I was for sure that it's what's going to win the SPC. But, he convinced me that it wasn't about winning, so I eventually posted mine. It's an honor to have my entry sitting along with yours.


Thank you. Your boyfriend is right. It's not about winning, it's about sharing. When I first started on Steemit, I never even did facebook. I always kept all my photos to myself. I guess I was afraid of criticism. It took some time for me to figure out the steemit ropes with the help of lots of cool people around here. Slowly I started to share more and then now I try to post all the time or when I can. If your pictures are like this one. I can't wait to see more. Looking forward to sharing more images and memories with you. Cheers!

Hello @randomli, welcome to Steemit! :-)


Thanks for the warm welcome!