Dancing Clouds

in #steemitphotochallenge6 years ago (edited)

Hi @jamtaylor

This is my 1st contribution to the photo challenge.

This was taken during my drive back from my hometown. I love to see clouds with many form of images. I just couldn't resist myself from taking this photo using my OnePlus 1 phone.

Hope all of you like it.


I love clouds also @pinklee . Thanks for the photo! :)

Remember if you can edit your posts and don't have to upload a new one.


Thanks @blueorgy. I tried to upload the photo but it just doesn't appear on my post. Is that the link I should add to my post?

Keep up the great work @pinklee

it's nice. I do have some pic of clouds too but you should read the rules of photo challenge. there's a theme to each challenge.

Keep up the great work @pinklee

Keep up the great work @pinklee

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