Steemit Photo Challenge #40 - Street Photography Entry 1

8948151066 - members of the local media community come out to.jpg

This actually happened on my street, making massive global press headlines the next day.. It was the start of the London riots. Here we can see a burning Mazda sports car outside the Carhartt Warehouse which was about to be looted by local kids.

In this shot, local Hackney members of the media brigade watch & film on their phones from a distance.
I will post more of these epic street photos, some of the most exciting ever to land in my lap.
8732989014 - mazda mx5 burning outside the recently looted.jpg

That day I had received a brand new Lumix Gf2 and it was an amazing opportunity to test it out.. I have since semi-retired the delightful camera but have clocked up over 100,000 clicks with it. A great invention and at the time, the smallest mirrorless camera. 12mpx of loveliness.

I also reviewed the Lumic Gf5 for Panasonic and you can read all about it here.

8822665441 - police in riot gear form human cordon around the.jpg

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Impressive shots! Good luck with the challenge!


Thanks Shaka

Great photos. I remember those riots unfolding. It was a surreal couple of days.


Thanks Sroka! Yeah, I remember watching the helicopter filming from above and watching the live feed on BBC at the same time as the chaos rolled up Mare Street.. When we saw smoke rising from our street, it got a bit intense.. we were effectively trapped by a police cordon at one end and a mob of kids at the other.. it was quite an afternoon & quite a week ! good job I had my new LUMIX with me !

Fantastic images. Congrats on the SPC challenge as well !
Also a nice day to break in a new camera :)
Hope your street is back to life before riots and things are getting better.

Congrats on 1st place in the challenge!


That's Great news ! Thanks.. I didn't know.. ( I just became a Dad !) where does it say I came first ? ( Thanks again)