Steemitphotochallenge #49 Entries III : Macro - Southeast Asia Animals.

And now, here is a mix of several small animals encountered during our journey.

Here, a grasshopper with pretty streaked eyes.

So this spider first frightened me and then looked closer, I saw beautiful colors.

That one hung on my shoulder and devoured me.

If anyone can tell me what animal it is?

Ah ah, you're having a good meal!

For my russian friends:
А теперь, вот это смесь из нескольких мелких животных, встречающихся во время нашей поездки.

For my french friends:
Et maintenant, voici un mix de plusieurs petites bêtes rencontrées lors de notre périple.

Photos Credits: NataleeOliver.

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omg these are scary


It's certain!
And all that around my house in Koh Chang Island.

We were bitten and bitten by these incredible creatures.


oh my god. your jouney made u see and face these creatures. i will never want to get bitten by these creatures



I’m now following you . I write funny stuff , sometimes medical . Please check out my previous posts I guarantee you will laugh .
Upvote for me if I made you laugh

Beautiful up close insects!



Thank you.
It's been a while, nice to hear from you.



Yikes! Bugs are so different when you see them in macro!