Steemit Photo Challenge 58 - Minimalism:Yellow - Entry 2 - Surface of the Sun

Surface of the Sun

Bonus sub-contest: 1 SBD to the first to guess what this is. :)

Claimed by @rizasukma who correctly guessed: soup!

Tech: Canon EOS Kiss X5, Sigma 105mm Macro Lens; Post: Lightroom CC

@jamtaylor's Steemit Photo Challenge Theme announcement and details

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Soap foam my friend 😊


Good guess, it is indeed little bits of oil and foam in a soup bowl! I suppose it wasn't that hard. :P


Hahaha It turned out that I was less conscientious my friend.

Too late. I would have gone with soup as well :-)


It was delicious gyoza too. :)


Nice. I like gyoza too😎

Cool... Very original!

Beautiful post @mweich.