SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry: Nature Macro.....a Favourite Theme!

One of my favourite subjects for photography is nature macro. I love getting up close to the natural world and taking in the detail.

First up, one of my favourite flowers from my rambles in the Highland's of Scotland. I remember the first time my sisters & I discovered this flower whilst camping when we were little - we were so excited! It was like finding a new treasure.

1bog aspodel2.jpg
Bog Asphodel Narthecium ossifragrum

Second a rather adorable jumping spider that posed most obligingly for me on its sunny wall. I love seeing all their eyes close up!

Jumping Spider Sitticus pubescens

Finally for sheer gorgeousness of colour this is one of the many earwigs that I discovered one night feasting on the pollen on my sunflowers. As it was dark this picture was taken with flash and the aid of a torch as I found I couldn't get it to focus without.

earwig on sunflower.jpg

All pictures taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ45 with clip on Raynox 150 macro lens. Thanks for looking.

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That jumping spider is just the most adorable! Such big eyes and furry legs :D


Thank you. It does look a bit like a cuddly teddy doesn't it? My husband is scared of spiders but felt this one was cute :) Mind you......I have another shot in which you can see its jaws....not quite so friendly looking if you focus on those!


Yes it does looks cuddly. And they are tiny so no harm :)
Cant wait for more shots then!