Steemit Photo Challenge - Animal Portraits - Macro Portraits

Jumping Spider
Sony A6000 + reversed Rokkor 28mm 3.5

Honey bee
Sony A6000 + reversed Vivitar 35-70mm

green meat fly
Sony A6000 + reversed rokkor 28mm 3.5

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Wow!! Amazing shots!!!


thank you very much

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Really nice macro. Are they dead or you just put your tripod and wait ?


no they ain't dead , and no i don't use a tripod for macro , the spider was inside the house sitting on a old box of cigars , the bee was outside sitting on a daisy flower , and the fly was also outside sitting on my knee , so i flipped the LCD screen and used focus peeking on the camera to get the shot in focus , distance between lens and insects is +/- 2- 4 cm , steady hands is all it takes :)

Great shots. Like the fly.


Wow!!! Look at those eyes of the "JUMPING" spider!!!
I quickly scroll pass that... coz I really feel like it's gonna jump at me right out from my screen...


ha ha don't worry it won't hurt you :)


It is too real.... LOL