Steemit Photo Challenge #49 - Nature Macro II - Entry 2 - 'Pollens caught in the act'

Here is my 2nd entry to the #steemitphotochallenge #49 for the theme Nature Macro II.

Title: Pollens caught in the act
This is a shot of the inside of a Hibiscus flower growing in my balcony, using the the pool in the background to bring out this pastel-ish looking colour. Can you see the two tiny pollens escaping? Such rebels.

Nature Macro II_kuenok-8087-3.jpg

Handheld Sony A7RII with 90mm f2.8 G OSS| 1/1000sec f/7.1 ISO4000

Thank you @jamtaylor for running this awesome project and @berniesanders for sponsoring, and @digitalis for judging this week's macro theme.

Looking forward to contributing more to the #steemitphotochallenge!

Have a great day! 😃

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Very nice picture again @kuenok I actually really like the colors in the background of this macro shot.


Thanks @rockjon! Yea i think it adds a nice pop to the red/yellow


Yes, I definitely agree though I'm getting the feeling you might have taken this shot from a slightly awkward angle.

😯ohhh.. lives of all creatures.. not only fauna but flora!
So many good stuff outside that balcony✌🏻🍏


Just gotta look closely, beauty is everywhere!