Steemit Photo Challenge #51

It's a night of contest entries! I just wrapped up my entries for the Rock Paper Scissors contest for @peerplays, then came across the new theme for #steemitphotochallenge! Human eye in black and white, and I realized I have some new work that would make great entries for SPC51.

Doris Mayday

Doris is another pinup model in Los Angeles. This was taken in her home near Culver City. It was part of an editorial we shot for Pink Bow City magazine, and this shot didn't make it in the publication. I always wanted to include it in something I cared about, so this is a perfect fit. I love the way the eye is visible in the shadows across her face.

Micheline Pitt

Micheline has been featured in many of my posts here on Steemit. She's a brilliant designer, artist, business woman and model [...just to name a few of her talents]. This shot was always striking to me because her eyes and gaze were so intense. I'd processed this as a B/W and it was the first shot that came to mind for SPC51.

Alyssa Marie

Alyssa Marie is a famous make-up artist with over 500K followers on Instagram. She's one of the national spokeswomen for Anastasia Beverly Hills. I met her years ago when she was part of the beauty team for high production shoot in Los Angeles. We became friends and stayed in touch, eventually making time for this shoot. The incredible ball gag was given to us courtesy of Violet Chachki. The eyes are so striking in this photo so I thought it'd be perfect for the SPC.

Thanks for your consideration, thanks to @jamtaylor for continuously hosting the Steemit Photo Challenge and being such a great ambassador of the photography community.

I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and contest entries, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Beautiful tones. The drama of the Doris photo is quite engaging. Almost noir, or femme fatale. Have you ever seen the movie, the misfits?


Yes, Doris wins.


I really like the first one too, as you said, noticeable ..drama which make the picture quite intense. Even more with black and white.


That's one of the reasons i love old noir films. Strangely, the light here in Los Angeles is perfect for dark drama.

Just held my breath a little for a while there.
Black and white brings out some kind of power in these images (as corny as it sounds)

Another great set of entries. Have you ever won a contest already @kommienezuspadt ?

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Sin City is what came to mind from there photos, I love it!


Doris! All I can say really. It is striking and natural.

wow, that ball gag looks gooood... but my favourite is the photo of Micheline Pitt :)

Reestemed the Alyssa Marie photo blow my mind!!

upvote @ Alyssa Marie's eyes <3

I love the Drama in all of your pictures.

Maybe we can support each other =)