Steemit Photo Challenge #34

4 days ago
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Good evening, Steemit!

A perfect storm of personal, professional and social events unfolded in February that kept me from the community. I poked in here and there and upvoted when I could, but I wasn't able to dedicate the time to creating quality posts. Thank you to everyone that stuck around. Life is calmer, STEEM is rebounding and I'm exited to be back in the crypto-community chair bringing photography and art to Steemit!

Here's a few entries for this week's #steemitphotochallenge!

I took this pro pic of myself in the basement of an incredible indoor flea consignment shop in Minneapolis called Hunt & Gather. There are endless rooms of treasures the co-op vendors fill from estate sales all over the country. I often rent oddities from here for some of my shoots, but this time I took my camera right to the source.

This photo is of my friend and mentor, Jim Gavenus. Jim is responsible for getting me in to photography. Single handedly, in fact. Prior to meeting Jim, I was of the opinion that photography was for "non-artists". Artists were painters and illustrators, and photography was a pseudo-art. Jim was my basic photography instructor in 2000 [...required course], and his documentary work in Haiti and The Deep South impacted me deeply. It's because of him I began this journey in to photography.

This is another shot of Jim Gavenus. It probably doesn't adhere to the #steemitphotocontest guidelines because he's not taking a picture, but holding a picture he had taken. I shot this [...and the previous photo above] for a magazine featuring him as an artist. I found an abandoned train station in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I hung string from wall to wall, and hung his work with clothes pin. I still love these images. They carry and emotional weight for me to this day. I'm lucky to have met him.

Thanks again for coming by, following and all that. Looking forward to being back here full time!

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  ·  4 days ago
  ·  4 days ago

Always a pleasure to view your work, and a nice tribute for your mentor.

I like to see posts like this a lot, some photos and some back story. Very nice.

  ·  4 days ago

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted. :)

  ·  23 hours ago

Congratulations on third place in the challenge

  ·  15 hours ago

Thanks so much @gringalicious! Can't wait for the next one. I have SO much good desert photography!

  ·  11 hours ago

Awesome, I will watch for it!