SteemitPhotoChallenge #43 - Derelict - My entry - The "military palace" in Hajmáskér, Hungary

Dead section at the edge of Hajmáskér. Huge buildings, emptying walls, burnt floor and rubbish. Walking in the weedy park and among the crumbling walls, it was only the spirit of those who once lived there. The locals tell different stories about the buildings that are simply referred to as "castles" today.

Képernyőkép – 2017-06-13 16-33-43.png

There was a casino, a restaurant, a church, a school, and even a hospital, in addition to communal dwellings. Around nine acres of parks were planted with trees and an artificial lake with an arched wooden bridge. True, the villagers did not enjoy much of this, since they could only enter the area with a gendarmerie certificate. Then came two World Wars. The first did not cause any major problems, the more the second.

Képernyőkép – 2017-06-13 16-31-25.png

The Germans and then the Russians appeared. Their decades of presence could not be denied because of Cyrillic inscriptions on the walls, but the "written memories" in the walls mean only a small part of the transformation and destruction here. They made a movie from the church, built a theater hall from the riding hall, filled the lake, and built bunk-style houses around the castle. And because of an instruction that every tree should be eight feet high, the whole park was ruined.

Képernyőkép – 2017-06-13 16-32-20.png

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English translation: Kalemandra (and Google of course)


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Must have been very Grand in it;s day. A site to see.

Nice! Looks like what a haunted house should look like 8-).

A little bit scary!

Wow. Great shot. Such a majestic building but abandoned.