Nice one!

thanks a lot @cron .

not mine, they are asset of the breeders

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Also this image is very good, I like all online looking, thanks for sharing it @jonas160

thanks for your opinion and stopping here @oscarps

i have other picture about horse, please check it

Ah, they are so cute! I'd love to know the location! Congrats!

located in the little town near my house , in surakarta indonesia

Thanks for your kind reply :)

it's beautiful

thanks man for stoppping here

woohoo ducks all over :D nicely done :D

thanks , it sound you very interesting

Also a nice photo ..I love ducks :) :)

oh really , you love duck?

I mean when I was a child my sisters and I would go feed the ducks all the time :) :)

this sounds wonderful memories of your family. it may be very exciting to be there

Those are wonderful memories indeed ..I would still feed ducks if I lived by any ... :) :)

wow good. so where do you live now?

Las Vegas Nevada

interesting picture with ducks :)

thanks ya for visit my site