Good work of photographer!

thanks @cron . i'm a amateur

@tipU I like the feeling that produces this image, good shot @jonas160

well. thank a lot @oscarps

Where is this? Try to put the location and the equipment you used to take the photo. All of us like to know more details ;). Nice photo!

used , but this is not the master of picture. located in Surakarta Indonesia. Thanks to visited my post

You're welcome. Nice to know. I love Indonesia, but haven't visited Surakarta yet. About the pics, it takes a life time (or more ;) to learn how to improve them!

That is quite a serving he's having. Looks like a lot of work to be done awaits! :)

actually I feel very sad if animals are commercialized,

But oh well what to do...

Very good photo!

I love this photo...beautiful horse :) :) upvoted and following :) :)

this picture is really good :)

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