SteemitPhotoChallenge # 35 - My "sandy" entries from Bolivia and Chile

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Hi everyone,

I'm quite far of a desert these days so I'm posting pictures from last year's trip. Adding some text helped to refresh my memory.

The first one is in the Siloli desert in Bolivia at more than 4 000 m. It is an area where winds eroded the volcanic rocks and they got different shapes. The most known of them is the "Arbol de Piedra" (Stone Tree). You can also climb to some of these rock formations and it is what I did to take the picture even if going down was not easy.

The other two pictures are in the surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama (Chile). This one is while doing mountain bike in the path to Catarpe. After leaving the town you visit the archeological site of Pukara de Quitor, then you follow and cross the San Pedro river many times until you find the signal "Tunel/ Altos de Catarpe" to go up to the mountains. Desert and snowed peaks is always an awesome and relaxing view!
Crossing by bike the sandy old tunnel in the darkness was also a great experience :-)

Last one is another bike trip (or a horse ride for some people). This time is in the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley). A salty desert where there is a big dune and an old salt mine.

All pictures taken with a cheap Nikon Coolpix 3600 ;-)

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Very nice pictures! 8)


Thank you!

Congrats on second place in the challenge. People don't realize the dry conditions in that huge, huge area. Great shots!!


Gracias por las felicitaciones. Es una región fascinante en medio de su aridez!