SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry - Fäboda Blues 🌅 🌊 — Steemit

SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry - Fäboda Blues 🌅 🌊

Thank you @jamtaylor for running this great contest and @berniesanders for sponsoring!

Some image settings are missing because a manual lens were used and therefore the EXIF data weren't recorded properly. The story about the first shot is actually somewhat funny. I thought I had forgotten the tripod mount at home so I had the prop up the camera on the rocks as stable as possible. On the way home I obviously found out I've had the mount with me the whole time!

Fäboda Sunset Blues
(Canon EOS 5D Mark III / Samyang 14mm 2.8 / ISO 100)

(Canon EOS 5D Mark III / Samyang 14mm 2.8 / ISO 100)

(Canon EOS 5D Mark III / 50mm / ƒ/16 / 0.3s / ISO 100)

If you enjoyed the photography, feel free to up-vote, follow and comment! It sure helps a struggling artist! 😉


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i really enjoyed your photography. u also vote and follow me

Beautiful photos! And to think you took them without using your tripod! Nice improvisation skills!
Voted and followed. Please come check out my photography, we photographers should support each other here on steemit :)


Thanks so much man! :) I'll take a look for sure!


Thank you very much! :)


Thanks, once again!!

That first picture is great! When I forget tripod I tend to take interesting pictures too XD


Thanks! First one is my favourite too. That might be the case but it's a bit of an issue when you wanna do long exposures! 😅


That Samyang 14mm looks really good @glasnicce.shoots. How are you satisfied with it? Did you have to edit much? Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.


It was nice and sharp but I sold it when I got the Canon 16-35 2.8 L II USM. Well I guess I wouldn't have had to really but yeah boosted the colors and stuff pretty much as you might be able to see.
Always appreciated! :)

Splendid long exposure shots mate. Would need to go out and try myself some day :)


Thanks, you really should! They're a lot of fun.

Congrats on first place in the photo challenge. Truly a great photo!


Oh first place how awesome, hadn't noticed before. Thanks for the love and notice! :)