Steemit Photo Challenge #4 - Beauty in nature after the rain

I love going for a walk right after the rain, to catch the colors of plants all refreshed and happy from being nourished by the sky.
Apples and more pics below

Can you identify this wildflower for me?



Black Eyed Susans

All these shots for taken this weekend on my farm in Ontario, Canada

BE in nature, LOVE every moment, STEEMIT naturally ;)

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nature a beautiful gift of God to us


nature is where I commune with God, thanks for looking :)

Gorgeous pics. I love that white flower.


It's also my favorite, I wish I knew what kind of flower it is. The white indigo with the pink is lovely


ahh sorry, I had created the post on sunday but lost power(thunderstorms in cottage country) and got back online the next morning. I'd edit my post if I could to comply... but it's not an option for me currently.

Beautiful.....i can smell it..