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desert poetry
after weeks and months in an insane city... i fell in love today with the beautifully calm solitude of the desert

Digging in the crates again for another steemit challenge. This time an image of the desert vegetation outside of Dubai near the village of Margham, shot in 2009. Originally published on deviantart.

Link to the SteemitPhotoChallenge


Mmm love this one! How did you end up near Dubai? Did you live there, vacation, stationed? Was it as cool as it sounds?

I was there for a year on a job... it's quite impressive at first, visually, but a really shitty place to live (imho) after all...

sorry to hear the last part, it always looks like it would be a cool place to visit :)

it's probably worth a short visit to marvel at the sights and the city's impressive appearance... but the way of life there is kind of insane and "dehumanized".

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