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This is my 1st entry steemit photo challenge organized by @jamtaylor

Bodypainting by my good friend and amazing painter Mike Lombard

100% Zoom details :

Capture d’écran 2017-09-03 à 15.51.49.png

Specs :

  • NIkon D800
  • Nikon 28-80 mm f8
  • Elinchrom Softbox / Ranger Quadra
  • 125s - ISO 80

If you liked this you can read my general introduction here :

Access my other blog posts here :


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the esthetic in the pictures are good. Like the way you make the modell "float" in the air. And good choice to go for black and white.
black and white.jpg


Thanks for your words ! I think black and white is mandatory for the contest. :)

Fantastic image and body art! Beautiful. Where is your friend based?


Hi thanks for your word, my friend is beetween Marseille in France and Guadalajara in Mexico !


Awww - not UK then. I wanna be painted like that!! :)


You can still contact him if you want who knows.. :)

Great work!


Thanks for the support !

Simply fabulous! There is a bodypainting day in July in NYC. This year the theme was humanity and they had close to (or about) 45-50 models. A real photo opportunity!

Back to yours. I love the lighting and how you composed it. It is different and gets a major wow from me.

Upped and Steemed


Thanks for your detailed analysis and also to let me know about this event in NYC, I will check it out next year if I am around for sure !

Body painting is such a good entry for this week theme :) Have not done any of those yet, i am sure they are fun to create and do. Great entry mate!


Thanks ! Yes that was the idea of Mike but i jumped in, I ve some other good ones but this one is defo the one that fit most the contest.


I am curious to see the rest of them too :)


Will do a post then :) (i keep saying I wil do a post for everything but I keep

Amazing photographs. Congrats on first place in the challenge


Thanks dear :)

Love this @eyegasm!


Thank you ! :)

I love the contrast and curves


Thanks Elaine :)

This is awesome.


Aww thanks !



Thanks so much !

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