SteemitPhotoChallenge Nature Macro II - Entry 2 - Brown marmorated stink bug.

Very photogenic and easy to work with bug. As long as you don't come too close or disturbed the leaves around ;)
I heard that they can be very stinky when threatened. Not that I know myself... thankfully :)

bug barberry macro.jpg
Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105 (f/8. 1/500, 105mm, ISO640)

This is Brown marmorated stink bug [Halyomorpha halys] I believe. Please correct me if yo know it.
I found it on a barberry bush in our garden. When it blooms is it full of insects and a great place to catch some macro shots. It also have those pretty dark reddish leaves that add to the background.

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Nice one ! Good luck :)


Thanks a lot :)

Oh, a fantastic shot of a beautiful bug!


Thank you! It is quite pretty have to admit :)

Great shot, dear Ewka! This bug is amazing, though I do not like stinky bugs. When I was a child, I've almost eaten it with a blackberry.


Thank you! I don't like them neither, but they do look cool on the photo.
Did it get stinky when you tried to eat it?

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No, no, no!!! Not the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug! I like insects and I can live with other stinkbugs, but this Brown Marmorated Stinkbug is changing my life! It's a new invasive in many areas and it's a mess! The stripes on its antenna are the key ID feature to distinguish it from others with a similar-looking body. They showed up up in my area just last summer.

The Brown Marmorated Stinkbug causes so much damage in apples and pears, peaches, too. Wherever it puts its sucking mouthparts, the fruit makes scar tissue that is deformed and hard as a rock. They over-winter in any tiny crevice. Folks are scrambling to figure out how to deal with these pests without spraying. I am going to have to change how I prune my trees and so much more. =>8O

Nice post, though. ; )


Oh thanks! I didn't know I have to look at the antennas. I was trying to find one that looked exactly like my one in google and I think I got it right :)

I had no clue they are so bad! I found this one in my mums garden but on a barberry bush. There are apple and peach trees nearby. The apple are very old and don't give almost any fruits anymore - but they are pretty trees and we keep them for now. Peaches are young and should have fruits (not this year since the frost killed the flowers).
Bad bad beasts! Other stink bugs don't do damage?

Thanks! :)


Our native stink bugs are kept in check by birds, so I don't see them very much at all. And they are more interested in soft fruits, like grapes or blackberries. And there are plenty of those to share, lol.

And congratulations on your Steemit PhotoChallenge award for your terrible stinkbug! It's a great photo, for sure!


Thanks! At least he did a good job there ;) haha

I remember there were always those bugs in grains when it was time to pick it (don't know the English word for it)

Magnifient macro!


Thank you! :D

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