📷 Steemit Photo Challenge SPC#43 Entry II - Despodency

This house is located at the confluence of two rivers of the Sukhona and the Yug, After the flood of 2016, the shore was washed away and the house now hangs partly above the water. Residents had to leave this house for safety reasons. Nature has made it impossible to live there.

Canon 5d, EF 28-90 mm

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Fantastic image. It looks like it could have been taken 100 years ago...

Beautiful photo!

Nothing can be better than this picture..... Simply amazing

It looks scary on this!

#redfish community!

Wonderfully bleak! The person sitting on the steps really makes this for me!

Very good photography :) I like it :)

Alia bona bildo! Tuta dramo en unu bildo ! Nigra/blanka foto ankoraŭ emfazas la danĝeran situacion.


Almost ghostly human figure makes this spectacular photo @evildeathcore.

May I donwload and use this picture as wallpaper for my Linux Desktop?


Give me your e-mail, and I'll send you full size!

Stunning! (;

I like to follow you

Congrats on 2nd place in the challenge. Truly a fantastic pic


Thank you!!!!