📷Steemit Photo Challenge #49 - Nature Macro II (Entry 2 -Horned Treehopper /Centrotus cornutus)

A gift from nature, a horned treehopper looks very pretty by standing at the end of the stick.



Camera : Xioami Redmi Note 4, with the addition of a macro lens.
Locations : Aceh

Thank you @jamtaylor for this photography competition, and thanks @berniesanders are always faithful to be the sole sponsor.

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Quite an interesting mutant))


thank you @coar ... :)


You welcome)

A very interesting gift, and a very cool photo. Do not forget to follow my post too.

Great photo

love this post . thanks for share . waiting for your next post

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Amazing Click..👌
Follow you for more photography.
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This is an amazing bug :) It really stands out from abundant mediocre macro photography here in steemit. Got yourself a follower :)