steemit photo challenge #18 photo 3: Cows blocking my damn truck

I was working on a massive ranch outside King City, CA, which is in the godforsaken middle of nowhere. I heard these cows mooing very loudly long before I ever saw them. They all came running around the corner of a canyon they were eating grass in when they heard my truck, thinking I must have food.

I did not have food.

They were very disappointed when they realized this, but instead of leaving me alone, they formed a circle around my truck and wouldn't move. I had to yell at them and slowly inch my truck forward to until I gently nudged the biggest one who had situated himself directly in front of me.

I got another half a mile down the dusty dirt road and got out of my truck only to have them do the exact same thing again. People say that cows are smarter than we give them credit for, but this situation made me really wonder. I do applaud their tenacity though.


Lesson of the day:
have extra sand wiches for the cows
lolzzzz that was so funny.