Steemit Photo Challenge ; Flowers entries 1 & 2 & 3

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My first, second and third entries into this weeks steemit photo challenge.

Flowers Entry 1;

The challenge this week is extra challenging for me. I live in Minnesota and it is winter here. Today it is snowing. We received 6-10 inches of fresh snow, there are no flowers living anywhere outdoors.

I decided to go indoors to one of the only places to find flowers here right now. I went to the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul. 

Outside the conservatory;

Inside one room at the conservatory, "the sunken garden";

I arrived at 3:30 and the conservatory closed @ 4:00. I was able to spend a few minutes in the Tropical room where it is 80-85 and humid. That felt great. There was an amazing bird in there making the most beautiful calling song. It was almost haunting, it really touched me. 

I headed down to the Sunken Garden where some little flowers live, pulled out my camera and it did not work. Something was wrong with it. I ended up borrowing my girlfriends Apple Iphone SE to snag a few flower shots.

As usual, they had some pretty flowers in there. I will go back again when I figure out what is up with my camera. In the meantime I did shoot my 3 entries for this week. 


Flowers Entry 2;

Flowers Entry 3;

An Extra Flower shot;

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Sounds incredible. Crazy how you can walk into somewhere from freezing cold temperatures into a room that is warm and full of flowers. Also, great photos, you captured the beauty of the moment well. :) Upvoted! :)


Thanks! Indeed it is crazy to go inside that building on a day like today, such a contrast.


I'm not usually one to ask, but you are a very talented photographer, and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to go look at some of my photos and tell me what you think? I've been trying to improve my skills, and people like you are the reason I came to Steemit. You don't have to give me follow or upvote, I am just interested in your opinions of my work. But, either way, great work and thank you for your time. Have a good day! :)

Fantastic shots! I'll have to drive up there once the roads aren't quite so bad. Thanks for reminding me that this place exists!

amazing angel short @darkb4dawn

such a nice flower pics, mostly Flowers Entry 2, and Flowers Entry 3 are osm pic.

all the flowers are lovely

@darkb4dawn your post is always top for me entry 3 is one the best for me. You are the best photo shoots uploaded. thumbs up always for you.