SteemitPhotoChallenge #43 - "Derelict": 3 Entries.

   I'm so excited about this SPC theme.  I can't wait to see all kinda of cool abandoned stuff from around the world.  I'll include all three of my entries into this post and talk a bit about each.

^^^ "Hallgrimur"  taken with iPhone 6
  We came across this cool abandoned house in eastern Iceland at the base of the Snæfellsjökull glacier on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.  From what I understand, it was abandoned in 1975. 

^^^ "Monte Palace"  take with an iPhone 6.
  This was one of the coolest abandoned places we have ever seen.  It was a MASSIVE 5-star luxury hotel that was built on the peak of a mountain in the Azores, above the town of Sete Cidades. It was surrounded in controversy.  It took like 11 years to build, if I remember correctly.  It opened in 1989 and was only open for about a year before it closed it's doors.  The place had security guards and dogs keeping the place from being vandalized and burglarized up until 2010, when the powers to be decided they'd no longer pay them.  In the humid, warm climate, the hotel quickly fell into disarray. 

^^^ "DC3"  taken with an iPhone 6.
  This is the popular US Navy DC3 wreck in southern Iceland near the town of Vik. 

   Well, that does it for my three entries.  Interesting that this is the first time all of my entires have been taken with an iPhone. lol I hope you enjoyed them! - Adam

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Very good entries! The first one almost looks like it's from a movie. Derelict and desolate. Kind of eerie.


I love eerie photography, and am super excited to see a bunch of it with this SPC theme. Thanks @doetwa!

3 brilliant images. If I had to choose, the abandoned hotel is my favourite. It looks post-apocalyptic - slowly being reclaimed by nature.


Thanks @sroka87! I'm pretty much always a fan of seeing the earth reclaim manmade things. 🌎

These are awesome places and awesome photographs. Are they just places you happened to find?


The first two are things we happened upon by chance. The airplane we searched for though.

I really like all the photos, perfect for the subject.


Thanks @valhalla! I'm glad you enjoyed them...

Hi @customnature, I love all 3 your entries specially the first one.
The 2nd picture is such a waste, I wonder who lost all that money?


Thanks @rynow. It seemed like a really sore subject with some of the locals. I asked a few about it and they seemed disgusted. I think it was some type of screw job where a guy, or company, used all kind of government funding and it ended up just being a big scam job or something. Like those in power got really rich from it, somehow. I'm not 100% sure on the story though.


Yes that could be the case, not far from me a similar thing happened!!

very beautifull


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Incredible locations ! Iceland is one of my all time favorite places to visit.
Would love to go to the "Hallgrimur" . Such beauty !!

Love the first photo.

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