SteemitPhotoChallenge #43 - Entry / Nazi Era Ballroom on the outskirts of Berlin.


Here is my first entry into June's steemitphotochallenge with the theme being 'Derelict. It is a long exposure taken inside an abandonded WWII Ballroom near Berlin. We vained access by dodging a few lazy security guards and a bit free climbing.

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Congratulations on your win!
I see you are from Scotland too - cool to see.other Scottish folks on Steemit 👍


Haha amazing. Just finished my shift and didnt know Id won until I read this. Cheers :) Where in Scotla d you from? Followed you!

Wow, an amazing photography. Congrats on 1st place in the challenge. I have got to learn how to shoot like that

Congrats for the 1st place! I love that spark of light

Cool photo - lot of ghosts in that room!

This is a good start to this challenge. Well done!