SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry 📷 Nigella Damascena

in steemitphotochallenge •  6 months ago

"Devil In The Bush" AKA Nigella Damascena are among my favorite flowers to photograph.

This is my entry for this weeks Steemit Photo Challenge. Thanks to @jamtaylor for bringing back this fantastic challenge, and best of luck to everyone involved.


I've photographed this patch a few times before, as you can see here but I keep coming back. I love the symmetry of these flowers, and the mixture of soft, delicate petals with the spiky surrounding foliage.

Nikon D750. Nikkor 105mm. Godox TT685.

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I’ve never seen these beautiful flowers before! Love the protective spiky foliage


Yeah they're cool eh!

Its pretty I did a resteem!!!!


Cheers V!

nice pict, looks so natural. wonderful!


Cheers dude!

Love these. These particular flowers are native to Finglas and can often be heard asking "who the hell are you stamen at?"


That attitude about people with roots in Finglas is a stigma they're trying to escape. I don't know where it stems from, but I wish people would leave it alone. You could say, photosynthesis.
OK that last one didn't work.


Leaf it out @condra. Blooming smartarse.

how beautiful that looks elegant and stunning photography

The detail in that unreal. Great shot dude.

very nice flowers @condra

Amazing. Follow and like posting our friend

thanks, this one pretty good flower.

I love this picture, I love flowers

Beautiful flower, upvoted

I seen first time this flowers , it's very beautiful and amazing . Thanks for sharing .


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Thank you.

excellent photographer so cool

you just rocked the show with just one click SteemitPhotoChallenge


Hehe. Thanks for the kind words!

marvelous once again bro


Thanks man!