Steemitphotochallenge #54 - Nice portrait of a Milan Royal

Hello guys :)
Hope you are doing well. For my first post ever, I'll join with fun to the steemitphotochallenge :)

Here is a Milan royal (I don't know the english word for this bird, but it's probably something like Royal Kite...).
I found it near my place in France, in Ardeche (countryside), it feels like it wanted to be shot (photography speaking). Fortunately I was travelling with my photography stuff to capture this moment.30100701162_e9f8e66b54_k.jpg

Shot with tamron 70-200 f2.8 and Nikon D800
F2.8, ISO 320, 1/1000 @200mm

If some people are interested, I'll probably make some posts for beginners in photography, because I love sharing knowledge about my passion. But first, I need to understand how steemit works :D

See you :)

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