SteemitPhotoChallenge Sunset (Original for Steemit) 武功山看云海

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See this week's theme of SteemitPhotoChallenge related to sunrise and sunset, I have very beautiful photos taken before,want share here
Wugong Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the southeast border of Luxi County,China Jiangxi Province Pingxiang City, It is a national scenic spot, national geological park, national forest park,Wugongshan beautiful sea of clouds, sunset and sunrise, attracting countless photographers like me, in the martial arts mountain tent has become a beautiful landscape,
Most of the time more than 1,000 tents camping here, shooting sunrise and sunset, here has become China's most beautiful photography Yunhai Scenic Area,Later I will describe in detail


看到这周SteemitPhotoChallenge的主题和日出日落相关,我在以前拍摄过一组非常漂亮的照片,分享到这里 武功山风景名胜区位于中国江西省萍乡市芦溪县东南边境,是国家级风景名胜区、国家地质公园、国家森林公园, 武功山漂亮的云海,日落和日出,吸引了无数像我这样的摄影爱好者,在武功山露营帐棚也成为了一道美丽的风景,最多的时候超过1000顶帐棚在这里露营,拍摄日出和日落,这里也成为中国最漂亮的摄影云海风景区

Hope you like

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beautiful, upvoted :)

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