SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #53: Human Body / SPC#53 攝影比賽街頭攝影: 人体

The next #steemitphotochallenge 53, themed human body. Thanks to @jamtaylor as the organizer and @alteregophoto as the guest judge. You may check out and follow their steemits for all those cool photoworks.

这是第53届的#steemitphotochallenge , 主题为“人体”。感谢 @jamtaylor 主办这次的比赛, 还有 @alteregophoto 作为这次比赛的评委。

The eye - The first entry portraits the hatred, and you could say some sort of strong (bad) determination after self-struggling, of a human being, by looking into her eye, you may feel what was left inside her heart. (Of course this was just a themed portrait, the model, Janet is actually a happy girl. )

凝视 - 这张相片最主要是要呈现出一种骇人的眼神。一边的头发遮住眼睛,然后只露出另一只眼睛。有点像鬼片里的画面。不过放心,这只是个主题拍摄。模豆本身是个很开朗的女孩呢。


The muscles - The 2nd entry shows a man with his muscular body. In the way how he pulled his shirt off, I would like to express the strength, of "releasing" the beast inside himself. (Perhaps in the way of too gently without tearing the shirt apart XD)

力量 - 这张相片主要是要拉开一边衣服,亮出胸肌。有一种力量在牵扯的感觉, 也有一种即将释放内心猛兽的前一刻。可惜没有把整件衣服撕破,或许会来的壮光一点。 XD


The devil build - The last entry of human body challenge. Our model Bong was pumping up all his arteries to show the devilish body form. Bong is a professional body builder which really inspires everyone around to start admiring your own body. XD

魔鬼身材 - 男模豆, Bong 是个专业的健身教练。那魔鬼般的身材,加上全身炙热的血管,几乎可以看得出异于常人的体态。散发出一种说不出口的 oh my god。 XD


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Great photos
Following you


Thanks Sallybeth :)

Love black & white photography


Thanks, i love B&W too :)

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Congratz on a win, came to check the rest of your photos and will be staying, you have a new follower. Great work, keep shooting.


Thanks bro! ;)