SteemitPhotoChallenge #41 - WWOOFing in Colorado

last month
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2012-08-08 16.29.52.jpg

Taken with... I think it was a Galaxy S3. Whatever cell phone I had almost exactly 5 years ago.

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  ·  last month

Beautiful landscape!

  ·  last month

Very nice!

  ·  last month

Colorado is so great, whereabouts in all the awesomeness that CO holds was this? Followed you, follow me back if you desire.

  ·  last month

This particular farm was in Paonia. I also volunteered on a couple farms in Hotchkiss.

  ·  last month

Awesome photo! Just goes to show you don't need a high tech camera to get a quality pic. Woofing is a great way to travel, you should try it out here in Australia if you haven't already.

  ·  last month

Amazing what you can do with just a cell phone. Great job!