SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry - "The Arse End of Crack Ally"

Street Photography Challenge

A seedy CBD back ally, shot from the bottom, hill looking up.


As I wrote in my other entry in theis weeks challenge, this is an ally where you can just as easily spot a junkie taking a hit, abandoned stolen cars, hipsters heading to a popup café, or business men and women rushing to a meeting (or chasing a fix).

My other entry in this weeks challenge was shot from halfway up the hill, looking down, this shot was taken from the bottom looking up.

Shot this morning in Sydney with an iPhone 5SE, and converted to B&W with Adobes "PS Express" iPhone app

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Very nice! Like the mood

Love this. Insane how good cellphones are now!


Cheers! and yeah, phone cameras are getting better and better, and as always, the best camera is the one you have at hand.