The Steemit Name Challenge - @scienceangel

So I've been nominated by @bachuslib for the name challenge, and since I don't want to stop the fun, I've decided to participate :)

Here are the original rules:

  • Tell us in a post how you chose the current Steemit username you have. The story behind it.
  • Tell us your real name!
  • If you could change your current username, which name would you choose and why? If you have a possible usernames list, mention it!
  • Use the tag #steemitnamechallenge so that the creator of the challenge can track all the posts and check them out
  • Nominate 5 people for this challenge


1. Striving for excellence

During my elementary school days, I did not have much fun, mainly because I was socially awkward nerd and as such I was exposed to all kinds of psychological bullying - such a cliché :)

However, being called "a nerd" did not seem to bother me as much as being called - an extremely ugly person! (yes, kids are terribly brutal creatures)

Since I got convinced that I'm the ugliest person alive (yes now I can joke about it :) ), I was consequently intrigued by gorgeous women that I was seeing on TV - actresses, singers, and especially models.

When I grew up, I realized that both inner and outer beauty can be achieved, and that's something that I like to call "striving for excellence", meaning that we should strive to become best version of ourselves, covering as much areas of our lives as possible.

More importantly, we should never stop improving ourselves, because we can always be better person than we were yesterday, and only after we have achieved high goals that we imposed on ourselves, we have the right to expect to be surrounded with equally achieved people in our lives (friends, co-workers, lovers...).

So my Steemit username is basically a metaphor for combining inner qualities with outer beauty - science represents intelligence, curiosity, education, bright mind and angel makes a parallel with Victoria's secret Angels (which are in my opinion the most beautiful women in the world!), representing outer beauty.

2. Tell us your real name

My real name isn't really that much interesting, and since other participants of the challenge didn't reveal their names, I won't be doing this either :)

3. Another username

Haven't really thought about it, but it would certainly have something to do with some other sides of my personality ;)

4. Use the tag #steemitnamechallenge


5. Nominate 5 people for the challenge

I would like to nominate @sco, @justtryme90, @amavi, @kryzsec and lovely @purepinay.

There you go, hope you enjoyed this moment of sharing :)

Looking forward to read challenges of the nominees!

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Моје право име није баш тако занимљиво...

E baš me je sad to nateralo da te tražim i pronadjem i sad svo vreme imam onu zaraznu melodiju u glavi: 😊

Аjде ..то, аjде злато 🎶
Аjде са мном целер брати


Haha, nadam se da je znatiželja zadovoljena ;)


Potpuno! :-)

Sem toga ionako nesmem puno da budem radoznao. Ima moja Sosa nešto italijanske krvi i mogu mlogo da nadrljam. 🤓


Hey, nice post ! I like your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Congratulations !

Wow, following for the science posts but you really are an angle haha, epic picture.


I had a chuckle at this (sorry @kirkins !). Actually, @scienceangle would make a great steemit name. Imagine the confusion with @scienceangel :)


oops haha


Haha, not me though, but thanks anyway :)