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#SteemitNameChallenge organised by @felobtc came my way through @sistem in a post of his accepting the challenge. I really got interested for these reasons:

  • the interactions involved will give this challenge a wide push in the community and this will actually make this challenge with one of the highest number of participants (you can quote me anywhere and also quote me wrong!).
  • the fun involved will keep the members of the steemit blockchain together.
  • we also get know how individual names come to be, isn't this fun!😀😅

I am humbly accepting this challenge as well, though how my username come to be isn't amazing but I'll still let you know about it.😉

How I Chose SAMAL To Be My Username
In reality, my name is Samuel Albert.
How I derived Samal is becoming obvious right?☺️
The first three letter of Samuel as in Sam and the first two letter of Albert as in Al , when merged together gives Sam + Al = Samal.
Not amazing but simple right? Personally I think so!
Ever since, I have loved this name and I have loved it the more since @mermaidvampire brought it to my understanding that a beautiful Island in Philippines is named Samal Now tell me why I shouldn't be proud of my username, so you think too?😉

A Change of My Username
I must be kidding😎 Change my handsome username? How on earth!🙄 It is the least and last thought that will come to mind.
Samal has come to be my forever steemit username and nothing changes that not even @ned😂

Nomination of Friends

  • @pinacle
  • @mermaidvampire
  • @soundlegion
  • @ozhiya
  • @sn0white
  • @hr1
    Awwn... @felobtc would have allowed more than five nominees because my list is endless. (smiles)
    Please, kindly honor me by participating. Or if you won't be participating for any reason best known to you, please do well to acknowledge.
    Thanks friends.

Follow These Rules Please

  • Tell us in a post how you chose the current Steemit username you have. The story behind it.
  • Tell us your real name!
  • If you could change your current username, which name would you choose and why? If you have a possible usernames list, mention it!
  • Use the tag #steemitnamechallenge so that the creator of this challenge, @felobtc can track all the posts and check them out
  • Nominate 5 people for this challenge.

It's as simple as that friends.

All the best!

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