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I would just like to Thank my insightful, energetic friend for nominating me. I am hoping this will enable the message I am attempting to convey to reach a new audience. For that I am very thankful!

Why I chose the name I did? This can only be explained by going back to the early 70’s when my mother began telling me a story that changed my life. My mother, who is now in her 80’s; who I will vouch for, tells it like this. One day in 1950 -51 her, her mother and her mother’s friend and daughter where traveling down a back road in Alabama. It was the month of May. It was daylight, around 4:00. There as they traveled, by automobile they came upon a clearing and stopped. The reason they stopped was that there were three silvery metallic disk floating over the treetops about 250 yards away. Two of the disk were smaller than the other, perhaps 20 feet across. They each had what looked like portholes or windows, the bottoms seemed to be spinning. At times they would move very quickly from one place to another. They also had a sort of “falling leaf “ movement at times. Eventually, one of the craft made a large arc and crossed directly above the car they were in. She remembers banging heads as they went from one window to the other. After that the story picks up with her father refusing to go with them back to the spot a see these “disks”. My grandmother drank a little more than necessary and my grandpa said “she had been in the pickle juice”. My mother then around 15 years old fumed for about 3 days until her father finally conceded that they had seen something and told her it was most likely a new “government” craft. She said, ok and went on. She did not think of it again until she was in college and the professor gave “UFO” as a possible writing assignment. The gist of the story is that living in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, even today for that matter, and “believing” in UFO’S tends to put you at odds with the rest of “society”. My mothers story caused me to really see all aspects of my life through a different lens.

Also I grew up in a very wealthy family. To make a long story short I can only say that all the things society strives for are really meaningless. I know, I’ve been there. If you have a family, you all love each other, are healthy, have a roof over your head and a job that provides that you sometimes enjoy. You really have most of it. Growing up like I did only put me on the outside of society yet again in the sense that our values were different. I knew first hand that material things did not equal happiness.

Finally after decades of being the oddball wearing the tin-foil hat I turned the tables. I said; it’s not me nor my mother that has mental issues, it is you Mr. and Mrs..society, you really are, well, you’re just Hobbits in the Shire. If you ever made it into space you would be the Romulans, the Klingons. At this point in my life, sociology became In a sense more important and interesting than UFO’S; which we never really learn much about despite all the sightings. Sociology I came to realize was the key to so many issues we have today. The one aspect of society I came to abhor was the ability to people to delude themselves for their presumed good. Unfortunately no good ever really comes from creating delusions for the sake of comfort or society.

Next what I came to realize is that man and woman are totally and completely illogical and irrational. The quote that “the first casualty of war is truth” applies. The problem is that; man is always at war.

When I was 43 yrs. Of age I ditched the “religion” I had carried around and nurtured since my late teens. I did the hard thing and threw the baby out with the bathwater. It took a good 3-4 years, but I finally did it. I came to see church for all it’s failures as a creation of Man.

Why my name CMW? I guess when you see yourself as an outsider for most of your life as I have it really doesn’t matter who you are. I am not saying that I am lonely and have no friends. I am not and I do. I am just saying that what I believe I have to say to more important to me than what people think of me. My initials CMW are more than enough. My first name is ____ Who I am is irrelevant. I am just one person. Does it really matter? Do I need to sell myself? You can also repeat for me every thing bifilarcoil said also.

My overriding emotion at this point in my life is fear. Fear we will destroy it all through our uniquely human ignorance. Possessing Nuclear weapons on the scale we do and aimed at the targets they are aimed at is INSANITY. Giving an individual or group of individuals the power to launch these weapons is INSANITY. Going about our lives taking selfies like nothing is wrong is SUPER INSANITY.

You can rail against the TPTB all day and night and it will not change the foundations this world rest upon. When you say politician, I say individual intelligence. When you say corporation, I say individual intelligence. When you say peace through strength I see chaos.

I wish every American had to take a two week tour around the county to see all the calibers of rifles, the mortars, cannons, tanks, jets, missiles, ships, submarines, ICBMs, and all the highly technological weapon systems our government spends money on, 700 billion out of a 1.3 trillion budget this year. Over 50% of our taxes spent to do what? Defend us from sea monsters, aliens, the transformers? No, just puny little 190 lb 5’ 9’’ biped called humans. They look like you and I. If you replaced everyone in you neighborhood with these people, in a few months you wouldn’t know the difference. It might even be an improvement.

I understand, you were born into this world as it is now. This is all you know. What alternative do we have you ask? Please ask yourself though; do you really think they will let all these high tech, magnificent weapons they have been working on for the last fifty years go to waste? Of course not. Do you really see diplomacy winning over in the long run, It never has?

What I want people to understand is that the time has come. There is now an alternative. It is time to turn the page and transition from a world dominated by individual intelligence (great leaders) to a world of a collective intelligence ( great conclusions). A dialog moderated by logic - not leaders and enabled through our technology must be our future if we are to survive. My goal is to see society/humanity rediscover human logic and reason and to elevate this precious gift through a collective intelligence. To elevate this foundation of human thought above the icon of our past, the “leader”, the individual of intelligence or individual intelligence however you want to consider it. Not to dis the leader, he or she has pulled us through to the modern era. It is just that the “leader” is now obsolete. What is important is what you think, your perspective, your thoughts and finding a way to create more logical and reasonable conclusions by integrating your efforts and those of millions like you and unlike you.. I’ll stop there. I hope you will at least quickly scan a few of my blog post to get a better picture. There really is hope I believe. Most people are just looking in the wrong place.

If I was going to change my name? That is not something I really ever think about. Really I wish I could change my skill set. I wish I was one of those people who could actually put his or her ideas into action. So far I have been unable to do that. I foolishly thought that this was a no-brainer and all I had to do was explain it a few times and some more capable, motivated individual who wanted to make it big would implement it and do the work for me. Not the case. We are inching that way slowly.

Five people? To be honest I don’t have five contacts here I know well enough to nominate. Bifilarcoil is the one I know best and he nominated me. Instead let me show you five things I see of value that will be incinerated when we go there. Let us Show pictures of wonderful people who have a targets on their backs. Put these all on a page so we might reconsider for a moment. @fiveprecioustargets

Five reasons perhaps? If we are going to slip down the global war path. If we are going to let things get away from us while we are talking about celebrities. There must be reasons why. Why do anything important without a good reason. So what are five solid reasons for world war.? @fivereasonsforwar

Five reasons why doing what we have been doing since the 60’s will enable us to stop a terrible war. Five endeavors, you know protesting, writing articles exposing the ulterior motives, the lies. Writing your congressman or woman. Sharing with friends. Is the ticket just more journalist. If we all become journalist and write about the evils of big government, will it all stop? Is that not the definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I say this with the highest regard for alternative media and anti-war journalist. They are the one bright light in the world. They are the heroes. I just with I could make them see that it will not be enough. Picture in your mind a small child with a rope around a Rhino’s neck. War is default mode for humans. It works when nothing else works, and nothing else ever works. War just has to burn itself out. Then we begin the cycle anew. @whyitshouldworkthistime

Oh did I offend the Christians? Did I say the one bright light in the world? Armageddon is coming you say? No need to panic, it is all as it should be, as foretold? Sit sing a hymn.

This last weekend my mother and I went to a UFO conference. There was a very impressive speaker there named Richard Dolan. He spoke of media propaganda and government power. As always it painted a bleak picture. Those in power appear to always have us on the run. I wanted to speak to Richard Dolan I just never found the opportunity. There was always someone vying for his time with a question. I wanted to tell him that there is a way, We can win. We the people actually hold ALL the cards. We really do. There is a thing called human logic and we own it. We just don’t use it or really even seem to care about it. We are disorganized. We are emotional.

I believe I will force the issue. Please give me Five (5) reasons why we need to engage in global war. War so terrible that no one on the planet will be able to shelter from it’s effects. War that will threaten the very biosphere we live in. Please make a good case. Five reasons why. @fivereasonsforwar

Oh, heck, sorry, look I just got a text and friends want to hang out and get a bite to eat. Molly bought some new jeans on sale, awesome!. My dog needs walking. I really do hope work is not so bad on Monday. The boss seems to like me. He complimented me on my new ride, If only I could get that window of opportunity, I would take that trip I have planned for.


Far too many people strive to mass riches they will never get to spend. The truly blessed are the ones who realize the power of good friends and a caring family.

I think names are what you make them. Far to many seem focused on being told what their name means and what other peoples in the past have made them to become.

I skipped over the real name part and calling people out as well. I find the first part a little strange and I just did feel like pressuring anyone into this challenge. Many have very topic focused blogs and sushi thing would not fit to well into it anyway.

Have a great week.

Thanks !

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