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My username is "briraj", there is a story behind it. It is quite interesting. So, lets start the story,it is about friendship from where this user name emerged. We were friends and stay at the same place as the roommates when we were bachelors. His name was Rajnish and mine is Brijendra. In late year of 2000, one day when the internet was new for us, we started with yahoo. Yahoo and Hotmail are only two email address providers who provide an email for free. Now we started to create an email address and it was a problem to choose an email name. So, we choose it from our first three letters of our names "bri" from Brijendra and "raj" from Rajnish and combine them for "briraj". So this user name is 18 years old, mostly I use this username to all the sites that is not personal to me. We friends stayed together till we got married and still we meet on some occasions.

I do not want to change this user name it reminds me the old days of our friendship.

My name is Brijendra Chobay

As far as nomination concern, I would like to nominate the writer of the post that I have get information about this challenge, whose posts I used to read everyday that is @shilpavarma

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I like the story of your username. Long live your friendship.! Taking up this challange was fun.

Thanks a lot.