London Steemit Picnic Meetup: 19th of May - 1 WEEK TO GO!

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Right guys. I know I've been pretty radio silent (as always my work had taken over my life) BUT the great news is that it's only 1 WEEK till our (un)official London Steemit PICNIC Meetup and I am genuinely psyched. 

It's been WAY TOO LONG since I've seen the Steemit family so I hope that most of you Londoners can make it!

First, let me just say that Rodolfo (@rod.crisafulli) is honestly one of the best men I know alive. He only just went and surprised me with this AMAZING cover photo for the picnic meetup which I absolutely love. Honestly - you're my G, Rod.

Now. On to some practical things. 

As mentioned in my previous post - one of the reasons to day drink in a park is because it's also the Royal Wedding on the 19th of May. So even if we do miss the actual wedding (because let's be honest, not many of us care that much, really.) - at least we can be in the spirit with this...

What's the weather saying?

I'm glad you asked. BBC Weather predicts sunny intervals with a bit of breeze - which to me sounds like the proper British summer weather. So if you are like me - I suggest you bring a hoodie and wrap up a bit ;-)

Where and what time?

I suggest we meet by the Inn The Park cafe in St James' Park at 12pm and we can go from there to find our ideal spot!

What if I join you a little later?

You may have thought that I was joking when I said that I will be bringing a giant Steemit umbrella but I'm really not. Here it is! (Thanks @demotruk).

So either look for that or call me or @redrica (I will post my contact number in the London discord group closer to time).

What and who shall I bring?

  • DRINKS (alcoholic or not) - some ideas: wine, beer, cider, Prosecco, Pimm's, gin & tonic, you got the gist ;-)
  • FOOD (whatever you like) - I'm a big sharing person and it's a picnic!
  • Blanket (I will bring one but suggest a few more people do as well)
  • Speakers (again, I'll bring one too but if we are a bigger group - one more speaker might be useful)
  • Cards / balls / frisbee (does anyone has Cards Against Humanity? Because I will buy them if not!)
  • And most importantly YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELVES and your plus 1s and 2s, and 3s! Please bring your family and friends so that we can spread the Steemit love even further!

It also so happened that @allasyummyfood bought a drinks cooler the other day which I will be bringing along to keep all your beers and wine fresh.

So this is it, folks.

Spread the LOOOVE and RESTEEM if you can!

And I can't wait to see your beautiful faces again!


Inga x

P.S. Apologies if not all of you are London-based but thought I would catch your attention this way ;-)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @anarcotech, @ashtv, @black-man, @breadcentric, @buttpacker, @colossus39, @cryptocurator, @dannyshine, @dunsky, @elear, @eroche, @ezzy, @fredrikaa, @gillianpearce, @gisi, @hellouni, @hotmangoes, @howo, @ivargereiko, @justyy, @lisadang, @lloyddavis, @marczanto, @my-coconut-life, @nanzo-scoop, @neopch, @rea, @redrica, @rod.crisafulli, @roelandp, @roxane, @simonjay, @soldier, @starkerz, @steevc, @stephenkendal, @stimp1024, @thehipsterguru, @ultravioletmag, @ura-soul, @wehmoen

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Greetings, ingaa

Your photo reminds me a lot of Allasyummyfood

Are you two sisters ?? They are very similar beauties. I'm not so proficient in English, but it looks like you're going to have a celebration in the right park ??? If I lived there, I would go to that picnic too, hehehe. It would be a pleasure to share these moments with you.

Glad you're helping to spread the steem currency. This effort will bring rewards to the whole community.

I've never been to London, when I go, I want to watch a Manchester United game. It's the team that I love the most in England.

Thank you for posting and good morning !!!!


Hi Juliano, nice to meet you too! And yes, @allasyummyfood is my sister so you guessed that right :-)

Shame you're not able to join us for the picnic but I'm sure there will be others! Have a great week!

@ingaaa thank you by rodolfo crisafulli.jpg

@ingaaa thank you


Even your thank you banner is awesome! Haha

Lovely. I love what SteemIt is doing. I mean, it's bringing up new families


Thank you @okipeter - it certainly does!

Woooow ! My lovely lady! I just asked your sister on comment about your whereabout , You are lost and I cant be happy! Great to see you back!


That's sweet, thanks @bornprince. Hope you've been well?


Yaah,it was nice to see you back!

an interesting meeting, happy happy

Make sure it's a blast! Not being London based my attendance is unlikely, but I look forward to seeing highlights here on Steemit :)


Ahh, what a shame, Ash! Haha dw, @redrica and I will make sure of that ;-)

Girl.. I got you on the Cards against Humanity, will be soo much fun hehehe, I hope @ultravioletmag is joining us that day, because I got her hooked last time I brought it to another Steemit thing!

I'm so glad the weather is looking like it'll play nice for us! I'll bring some yummy bits and hopefully also some yummy friends ;)

Looking forward to meeting @yasminep!!! See you soon :D


YESSS. Definitely bring them - I love that game. Can't wait to see you and others so soon now!


Few days to go ;)

sorry im gona be abroad :( wish top fun to everyone going tho :)


Yes, I remember @gisi - where are you going? Hope to see you soon though!


going to zurich :) yes indeed london steemit representing

Damn, I'm away on Saturday but the next one I am DEFINITELY there. I've got cards against humanity for next time too!


Ahh, what a shame, Jo! But no worries, there will be plenty more :-)

Can't wait for this one! Great organisation, Ings!!! And love that you said 'you're my G'. Cracked me up.


Haha, what happens when you hang out with Liam for too long 😂

Can’t wait for Saturday - should be a lot of fun!