How to make simple syrup in 5 minutes! Ditch the toxic flavored corn syrup!

in steemitmamas •  4 months ago 

Good morning all!

Just got done feeding the kids a mountain of pancakes.

These kids run through pancakes and syrup! The gross stuff at the grocery store is loaded with corn syrup, which is NO BUENO! I can't afford to keep jugs of expensive maple syrup or honey around, so here is my cheapo alternative that I can feel good about serving. :D I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching!! Have a lovely day!


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This is a game-changer for me!! I cannot believe how simple it is to make syrup then when you busted out the the choc I pissed my pants in excitement! Syrup is soooo expensive in Cambodia and I pay a small fortune to supply my family of 7. I cannot wait to try it. THANK YOU!!

Bah ha ha!! Well change your panties and get started!! LOL
It is seriously SO easy, and as cheap!

I think if when we move I make pancakes for the grandkids I will also make this syrup thanks for sharing ;)

No prob!! Thanks for stopping by! :D

Always a pleasure to visit ;)

It's that easy?!!
Well, yay!!
And I only use Brown Sugar so this is perfect coz I can whip me a syrup to go with the pancakes without overthinking it
Trying it out soon :)

It IS that easy!
I hope you like it! We run through loads of it because the kids are pancake monsters, haha! And of course, there are so many different flavors you can make. ;)