Home at Last!

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Finally, we are back in the comfort of our own bed. Our 5-day hospital stay is finally over. Our little girl is feeling a lot better.

Although when the doctor asked her if she wants to go home, her answer was "No!" She's the first kid I knew that doesn't want to leave the hospital. Then when I looked at our hospital photos, there was a snap where we were just there at the bed, hugging each other. It all made sense.

When we're at home, I tend to move around and about so much. There are just so many things to do, dishes to cook, clothed to wash, chores to finish. I still do give time to play with her but at her age, I realized one or two hours of playtime just isn't enough. And when we were at the hospital, she loved that all my attention was focused on her. There were no chores to be completed. She did not want me to leave her side.

I felt guilty that I sometimes give time on other things before her. I was reminded that kids do tend to grow up fast and before we know it, they would not be looking for our cuddles anymore.

So from now on, I will cherish the moments while she's still young. When I am still the center of her attention.

Right now, I am grateful that she's feeling a lot better. I know I have a lot of things to do at home but I'll make sure she will always remain at the topmost priority.


My plants wilted while I was away at the hospital, I'm not sure if I could revive them but I hope I could save most of them.

Not sure if the avocado will make it. :(

Oh well, I think I'll just start a new batch of chillOh well, I think I'll just start a new batch of chillis. I'm just to happy my daughter's feeling well. is. I'm just to happy my daughter's feeling well.

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I am so glad your daughter is feeling better and you are back home in comfort. I read your previous post and yes there are angels amongst us watching over us for sure. So glad you were able to get her there safely.

Sorry about your plants but I know those can be regrown. Our kids on the other hand can never be replaced, so thankful she’s okay. ❤️

I had a similar experience when my oldest son had a febrile seizure, it was the worst experience I have ever survived through. I thought I was going to lose him but later found out that normally these types of seizures aren’t life threatening.

I am really thankful for that kind hearted stranger. Yes, my plants will just have to be replaced. I'm just glad that my daughter is feeling a lot like herself now.
Us moms have the power to do great things in the name of our kids but when it comes to their health, we are the ones most affected.

Absolutely! We try our best to keep our kids in the best health as possible. It makes me so sad when my kids are sick or not feeling like themselves :(

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