The best toys of any childhood

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It would be impossible to only choose one toy to dedicate to "My favorite childhood toy". @steemitamamas write along challenge post.

Let's be honest.... If you were a kid born in the 80's playing in the 90's, you were blessed with the most awesome toys and play equipment EVER!

So today I present to you the most favorite toys of my childhood- because how on earth could I choose just one!?!


The Viewmaster

I loved my Viewfinder. I had so many reels and would spend hours clicking through the images and making up stories. I remember being devastated when one of my most favorite reels was destroyed because it had gotten wet. If my memory serves me correctly, my sister paid the price for her crime lol.

Teddy Ruxpin

I love hearing stories from Teddy Ruxpin. If I had ever been sent to bed early for misbehaving and couldn't watch T.V, I had the most pleasure in pressing play on the cassette tape and imagining the scenes until I drifted off to sleep.

I loved how Teddy blinked his eyes and moved his mouth. That made for extra fun times when I would try to share with him Vegemite sandwiches.

I will never forget the hiding I got for cutting his little puff of hair between his ears. My mother was so angry with me. But of course being me, that wasn't the last time that I cut one of my toys hair.

Which reminds me of another hit in my toy box......

Troll Dolls

This image is not mine, so clearly another genius walks among us.

I absolutely loved my collection on troll dolls and I wasn't the only one. I recall going to bingo in the city with my Oma and watching some of the old ladies pulling out their good luck Troll dolls along side their dab pens. I envisioned the collection I would have by the time I was their age and how I would transport all my dolls to bingo each week.

My sister and I would play games of monopoly gambling our different Trolls. I don't know why she stopped wanting to play for my Trolls I had given the famous haircut? Mum wasn't too impressed with my new look Trolls either.......yep, I remember that too!

Waterful ring toss

No matter how many times I mastered the Waterful ring toss, I never got bored of it. In fact, I am pretty sure that when I was bored this was the go to for a very long time!

Now playing outside was a very important part of my day. Santa didn't fail to impress when he left behind new bicycles and.....

Skip It

Although, as much as I really wanted a Skip It after seeing the little girl down the road prance about so effortlessly, I could never ever Skip the bloody thing. I loved it but never used it. Just like other favorite i never conquered.....

The Diablo

diabolo hom 2 [Webimage 800 x 600].jpg

Finally, I think my life would have never been complete if I had never experienced caring for my treasured virtual pet. My Tamagotchi!!

Take me back to the days of playing my favorite cassettes, wearing hypercolor tee-shirts and slap wrist wraps. When we left to play when the sun came up and returned home when the sun went down....those were the good old days!

Want to check out some of my usual posts and adventures?


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Ahhh nostalgia!!
Thanks for this post! ♥

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OMG!! I remember the view master but I was already in my late teens when my younger siblings got one. Still, I had my fair share of the view master haha
And seeing your tamagotchi... reminded me of this one
haha, great reminiscing


I have never seen that! What is it? Now I feel deprived lol.


It's Nintendo's Octopus Game & Watch... It was the coolest in the early 80s haha

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Thank you @trufflepig, you made my day!!

Sweet! The good old days! I just looved when the tamagotchi came up in the end! Like seeing an old friend ;D And the Troll Dolls, haha! Mine got a haircut too, but I kept it a bit 80 style though, didn't get it all that short XD


Hahaha, you keep yours fashionable <3 tamagotishi made my year 6!

The view-master ..... I completely forgotten that.


Back in the day... lol.


The view-master can never be forgotten lol

Ooooh Teddy Ruxpin was one of my favs and the Ring Toss was addictive! Great selections!! 😃


Teddy Ruxpin <3 I only sold mine on ebay around 6 years ago for $60 at auction. I wish I held onto it, but we were moving overseas :(


Oh wow, yes that would’ve been nice if you could have kept it. 😟

This is an awesome post - you just bought my childhood flooding back to me!! I completely forgot about the water ring toss, but I was immediately transferred back to my room, where I would spend hours trying to get those confounded rings on those little plastic pegs.

I remember putting a couple of drops of detergent in there to make them even more slippery, and thus, more difficult each time my sister wanted a turn!!

Thanks for this little slice of nostalgia.


I wish I had thought of adding soap!! The beauty of our childhood was it was the most simple things that kept us entertained for hours <3
Thanks for stopping by and getting me all jealous lol

woo you brought back lots of memories! Great post! I love how you had different favorites for different times and stages haha..
I played the ring toss and of course the tamagotchi - that was my post hehe

As for cutting hair! I wouldn't dare cut a doll's hair.. but I would cut my own! I apparently cut my fringe for the first time at age 5! Hahahha


I wanna see a photo @vincy!! I didn't only cut my toys hair but my sisters too lmao. My poor sister and my poor butt!! Ha

I LOVED this post!

HAHAH. You kept cutting you toys' hair.

AND - now I want to hear the story about the sister...


Hahaha.... I gave her a few nice chops too!! Well I thought they were great anyway... It is really hard to do hair when a person is laying down sleeping haha.
Our gambling of toys was hilarious now I look back. My sister is a hustler lol. One of our great wins from the boys next door were their 3 month old Rollerblade we scored on a game of monopoly.


My kids give themselves bangs...


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