Steemitmamas Write-Along Day 17: Share Some Street Photography

in steemitmamas •  5 months ago

Hi Steemit,

I missed you ❤️


@steemitmamas is having a write along challenge and today we are sharing street photography. This picture was taken last week in Tijuana, Mex using a smartphone. This is not rush hour traffic, this is simply a Saturday Morning Commute.

I don’t care about all those cars:
Yo ❤️ Tijuana!


picture used is original photography

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it's a parking lot... ha ha


For sure 🚗 🚘 🚙

Is this the usual traffic condition? Tijuana has such clear blue skies! :)

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Yeah - it’s packed there. The skies are blue but there is a lot of smog.

Is everyone rushing to do weekends shopping? :D


Nope, there are just a whole lot of people.

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Why does that look so familiar? haha
I drive around on a weekend and wonder why there's traffic... funny because I am contributing to it!! 😊


In my dream world I would walk everywhere.

That’s a lot of traffic for a Saturday. How does weekday traffic looks like?


It looks just the same but moves even slower.


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