Ulog today | creating Steemit Mamas Footer Design and Basketball Article Page Breaker

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Steemit mamas.png

Yow what's up strong Moms out there although I am not familiar with this project or community here on steemit, there's a request whom I got from a random user here on steemit. Hi @metzli this your request hope you like it. Credits the icon design to vecteezy.com

And this one is for you guys who create sports articles specifically all about basketball, you can use this one for free guys.

Keep on Steeming!


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Hey! Thanks.

I’m no “random user” I’m a fellow certified ulogger and one if the moderators for the steemitmamas group.

Let’s grow our marlians platform.

The banner was so it would lead to the site that @surpassinggoogle made for us as our current steemitmamas banner leads to our discord.

Thanks again and hope to see your around the marlians interface.

Posted via Marlians.com

wow nice fellow certified ulogger sorry I didnt know, well nice to meet you and hope to see ya around more :) youre welcome