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My name is Zunwie Joel am a native from
Batibo Village in Northwest region of cameroon.I live with my family being the first out of my siblings I am 23years old and currently a fourth year student of the university of Bamenda studying Communication and development studies in the faculty of arts


I have strong passion for journalism and my passion is to spread information that can change the lives of the people around me positively .I look forward to take information in the most remote communities in a bid to empower them up to the world of information and technology as well as knwoledge and opportunities


I also have strong passion for enviromtalism and this explains why am taking out time to learn as well as volunteer in creating a mere sustainable planners. Some of my hobbies include playing football, listening to musics,Following the fashion and entertainment house industries. I look out to give information concerning communities, Fashion and Entertainment as far as it is bean concern
I have little knwoledge about crypto currencies but since its bean consider as a new goal i decided to join the steemit world I was introduced to steemit by @mr greens of @the greens during one of his senization at the Teken football field I look forward to learning and connecting with steemain across the globe


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